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Feb 19, 2004
NOt The Same

Everyone at St. Joes in Webster knows that I go on a ski trip every year and that I always have a great and exciting story to tell when I come back.



But this time I don’t have those kids and friends to come back to tell that story so this year I fixed my camera from Ryan and I video camera accident with biking….LOL great times missed…well since I have my camera I am going to be making a full lenghth video of me and my cousins exciting moments unfolded>>>> again   I know tht you guys like the storys last year but this is going to be a lot better!!!! I am going to have music croushions  and the list goes on and on!!!!!!!!!


But of course I am going to need some help!!!!! So I am going to ask theses people to call me or e-mail me or IM me for there positions!!!!!! If you would like one then here is what you can pick from!!!!






Crashes and burns


Main film




St. Joes Moments unfolded


Photoes from me boarding or other St. Joes boarders and skiers



St. Joes Pic’s


Many other things that you guys might think are sweet!!!


From Chris…….




P.S.  It will not ever be the same anymore  you guys are in my mind all day!!!



     Who is missing??                                                             


Posted at 05:51 pm by Chris01570
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Jan 31, 2004
Basketball today!!!

How much do they pay the reff's in a bball game??? Because i got called for a foul when i was at the end of the court!!!! and i had the ball .... the sad thing is that i was on a breakaway with no one around me AT ALL!!!!

WEllo if you wanted to know the score it was:

Elliot 15
Dover Red 65

So we accually won.....

So what am i all mad about???
I dunno
maybe because i got 9 points

no that is a good thing to well i am bored right now and i wanted to talk to britt but as soon as i got on she got off.... i waz so pissed at myself....

And this other kid Cough Cough Brittt's BF   andrew gay  when over her house!!! i wounder what they did there.... Make Out/>???  ( Cough Cough with dogs)  Coug Cough....lol.....

well britt i hope that you did not take that offencively but adrian andrew and the othe faggot are all fighting over you because they might not like you they only like you for your looks trust me!!!

Chris Eldridge

I Love You Britt

Posted at 04:23 pm by Chris01570
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Jan 29, 2004
Y did i end my life?

I Miss webster again becsue of my Girlfriend Brittany Fredricks.. It took me about 2 years to get her into my possesion.... as son as i got her you do not know how ahppy i waz untill the day i found out that i waz moveing when i realized that one year of moving teared my whole life apart when i went to try to get this girl for 2 years.... we where great frinds till the day i sat upon a sand dun at ahmpton beach and looked out into the sunset think ing of her butiful face that i have not seen for 2 mounths..
it was terrible.

I would sit upon that hill evrey day till the sun went down thinking of my beautiful girl that i could not see any more

Till the day i thought that i would not see her again..

 I knew how much pain  she wazz goign through that i waz not there! but i know that mine hurt alot more than her's did.

The same day i climbed upon that dun and called her and i said..
"Hey Britt" she said hey we kept on talking about how much we missed each other till the time came when i looked out into the sunset and the sun was alomost down when i tought """The sun is drowning in the water just as Britt's and mine relashionship was goigng""".. so at that time i told her. "Britt the sun just went down, and i feel that our life is goign down at the same time" that is when she started to cry and so didn't i  then i started to walkt home and i saw in the sand somwone wrote  """""God will help people on there Journey"""" and i stoped and said that sometime again Britt will be back in my arms and will get married"""" i don't think that that is goign to happen anymore comce=idering that she is now goign out with some one else!

But now i need to move on even though it is so hard to get into a differnt reltionship.. so i tried to get into another friendship with another girl Shona Syilvia a very nice girl never would match up with Britt thogh...I could never go out with her and feel the same way as i did when i was goign out with Britt but i am still goign to try to get over it by going out with this other Nice girl...

I really Miss you britt:::

Do remember our song???:::

He spends his nights in California, watching the stars on the big screen
Then he lies awake and he wonders, why can't that be me
Cause in his life he is filled with all these good intentions
He's left a lot of things he'd rather not mention right now
But just before he says goodnight, he looks up with a little smile at me and he says

If i could be like that....
I will be back Britt Trus me8

Love you,

Posted at 09:24 pm by Chris01570
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Another Boreing Day

Another Boring day!!!!!

St Joes another good i idea i will try to make a band call the screaming Egals and if i get enough money i will come down to perform and indian Ranch!!!!!!!

Beter Get To Work!!!!!

Posted at 03:11 pm by Chris01570
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Jan 28, 2004
Me and my life part two

Again i hate how i had to move .... i always knew that my mom said that we were never goign to move..
I remeber that day when my dad came to me and said "Chris i got a job promotion and we have to move to NH"

You don't know how much i cried that day.. thinking of my friends and school and distant friends that i have been with all of my life.

Some of my newest thoughts were of me hitch hikeing and getting back HOME ( webster) asap  but if you know me you know that that will never happen.....

all i want is one more day at st.joes to see my teachers and friends... These in particular:

Katie J
And i don't think that i cannot stop nameing off people at all...

This is Why i want to come back home...

I tink that one more day at st .joes with my friends would be spectacular.... i miss everyting about it
Friends and people...   You never have been to a middle school for a week if you have gone to an elemertry school all of your life...

So please if you would invite me down for like at least a day i would be very happy all i want to do is see my friends for a day....

Miss you all In HOME

Chris Eldridge

Current MOOD   sad.

Posted at 08:20 pm by Chris01570
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Jan 27, 2004
My Day

Today sux

I hate how i had to move to my awful town  everything is goign wrong.... i know that people are reading this right now but i don't really mind that i am going to share of what i think of my life right now.

When my dad got a promotion, it transferred us to Dover NH,  I never wanted to move and i thought that i never would because my mom said that we were never goign to move at all because of the first time she said that she never wanted to move again..

but i tried everything i could to not move. But i had to.

When i moved i left many things behind:

My School
My House
my Best friend MikeMy Girlfriend That i still Love.
The Lake
My friends
My street Friends
Kayla L.  First Friend Ever

My Whole life surrounded me when i was there

I loved everything too...
When my best friend mike came into my perspective i new that we were going to be friends forever... then he went to hight school  so i didn't see him often... so i bcame friends wiht his brother Ryan...

Mike tought me many different things that i should know like how to play bball and hockey and we found an lake in my back yard big enought to have a 7 on 7 mach of hockey!!!!  My Life was great but it had to end....

So the dasy came that i knew that i had to move and that ryan a mike were goign to move also because they knew that they could not live without me there... i thought that ment alot to me... but my hope of goign tmack to Webster mass was ruened... even if i did come back it would not be the same without mike and ryan there to play with all day and all night...

My lide changed when i moved here and i will never regret moveing.

i also mis the lake: Best place ever..

Here is a list of my friends:

Mike G.
Mike P.
Lauren K.
Britt  I Love you britt i really miss you!

And the list goes on and on.

So in school i do not talk much about this subject becasue i don't liek to...
No one never knows how it feels like to move when you lived in a town for 13 yers non stop..and then you have to move and leave everyhting behind!

I left behind my biggest item
i played basketball for everyteam in websterthat i was allowed to be on:Everyine knew me by name..
But nothing was better then the ST. JOES EAGLES!!!  i miss that team the most every year we would place 1st or 2nd evry year... i made the team every year and was the starting point gaurd for the team... i ciould not ahve done it without you mike or Mr. P  Thanx>>>>

Thank you for reading my heart.

Posted at 07:17 pm by Chris01570
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